Beads are the most important accessory in jewellery making. There are several other accessories are also used in jewellery making but without beads it doesn’t look nice.

Different types of Beads:
  • Pearl Beads: Pearl Beads looks same as the real pearls. If you try to buy real pearl then it will cost you a lot but the pearl beads come in a very cheaper price and also look so stunning. Regarding to shine of natural pearl, you can’t compare the real pearl with a company made pearl bead because natural is natural. But the company made pearl bead also looks great in jewellery.
  • Glass Beads: These beads have various sizes, styles and colors and because of these features they are in demand now a day. These types of beads have colorful coatings and extra-ordinary hand made designs. Glass beads come from India and Czech Republic.
  • Crystal Beads: Some beads make the jewellery sparkle. Swarovski Crystal beads are one of them so they are very popular in the market. Because of gorgeous look and a massive demand, crystal beads come with expensive cost compared to other jewellery beads. Today many shopkeepers make fraud by selling duplicate crystal beads so be careful.
  • Seed Beads: Seed Beads are generally made in Japan and Taiwan. These seeds have various sizes and designs which make the jewellery more stunning.
  • Plastic Beads: Plastic beads come so cheap in cost and look great in jewellery which is manufactured for children. Today in this modern world, some adult jewellery like necklaces are also used plastic beads and it really looks gorgeous.
  • China Beads: China beads come with very cheaper price. You can get the best quality in cheaper price. So they are most popular beads compared to all other beads. You will get these types of beads in ready condition at any time.
  • Metal Beads: Gold, Silver, Tibetan silver and many other types of metal used in manufacturing of Metal beads. These all metals are non precious so the price doesn’t reach so high.
  • Wooden Beads: Various woods are used to manufacture Wooden Beads. With the help of some processing like printing and polishing, manufacturers make these beads shiny.

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