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Nowadays, Gold is one of the most popular metal used in jewellery making. The purity of gold is measured in karat, pure gold made up with 24 karat.This type of gold is too soft and ductile so this is not used for jewellery. High purity gold which is about 22K – 24K is much more popular in Asia than Europe and USA.

People commonly think that gold only comes in yellow color but there are different colors of gold.

  • Yellow: It is the only color that found in nature and is by far the most common type of gold used in jewellery making. Pure gold is too soft for everyday wear, so it is usually made by combining copper, silver, zinc and nickel.
  • White : White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal. It's the popular choice to yellow gold, silver and platinum. Rhodium metal is used in white gold without it white gold might be gray, dull brown.
  • Red : Red Gold is the mixture of 50% gold and 50% copper. If more copper is added to gold, it produces a redder change. It is normally used in jewellery as well as high-end musical instrument, such as the flute.
  • Rose : Rose Gold has 25% Gold and 75% copper. The rose gold which is 22Karat is known as crown gold. For 18 karat rose gold, generally 4%silver is added to 75%gold and 21%copper to give a rose color. Its jewellery pieces are looking classic and smart.
  • Green : When gold and silver are mixed, a greenish-yellow color is the result and it is known as Green Gold. This type of Gold can be used when floral designs ans adding leaves to a piece of gold jewellery.
  • Blue and Purple : Blue Gold is alloyed of 75% Gold and 25% Iron and Purple Gold are a combination of 80 % Gold and 20% aluminum. These types of gold are not usually used to construct whole pieces of jewellery because of their propensity to cause skin discoloration. Due to their poor corrosion resistance blue and purple Golds are often used as a precious stone or accents on a piece of jewelry.

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The highest amount of gold comes from America and about half of the world’s gold comes from Asia and Africa. Other leading producers of Gold are Europe and Oceania.

It is estimated that 120000 140000 tonnes of gold have been mined so far. Half of this amount is used for jewellery and the rest is used for investment and technology. The nation with the most privately held Gold in India. About 18000 tonnes of Gold are owned by Indians. And most of this gold jewellery are used for weddings.

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