Bead jewellery has always been popular while most people think of glass bead jewellery but one can also make bead jewellery with Swarovski beads. Swarovski crystal beads have been around since the twentieth century and it has always been fashionable but today it is more fashionable than ever. Swarovski beads are often used to make designer jewellery.

Some of the most famous designers use Swarovski beads in their creation for jewellery as well as for outfits. Such designer pieces usually cost quite a bit and are usually worth their price given their unique design but not everyone can afford to purchase such designer items. However that does not mean you have to forego possessing beautiful items created with Swarovski beads.

Swarovski beads are a lot more expensive than ordinary beads, but making Swarovski bead jewellery on your own is definitely cheaper than purchasing designer Swarovski beads. The famous Swarovski beads can be found in the works of many designers and can be used sparsely to give an effect of understated elegance or in large numbers for those who like bling.

Swarovski beads can be purchased online as well as in shops. There are a large variety of colour, shapes and sizes available. Therefore, one is literally spoilt for choice when it comes to creating something beautiful with Swarovski beads. If you are not sure of your own ideas and would like some help, there are plenty of online design help available with regard to Swarovski beads. From designs to creating beautiful pieces of jewellery with Swarovski beads, one can find plenty of help. Swarovski beads are expensive and precious and therefore they are perfect for making not just bracelets and necklaces but pendants as well.

While purchasing Swarovski beads one must be careful that they are purchasing real Swarovski beads and not cheap knockoffs. There are few common clues that can help you determine if you have purchased actual Swarovski beads. For instance, Swarovski beads have a high lead content. Thus they usually have some weight and are not as light as ordinary glass beads. Also Swarovski beads are absolutely crystal clear without any impurities. If you can see impurities in the bead with your naked eye, the bead is a fake Swarovski and definitely not a real one. Also Swarovski beads are always machine cut so their edges are uniform and beads of the same kind are always identical in nature.

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