Shamballa beads are the latest fashion craze, sweeping across the UK and America and have been worn by the likes of Jay-Z, Boris Becker, Demi Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow, to name a few. But where do these beads come from and why are they so sought after!? Although most people see the Shamballa bead as just another fad, they do share a deeper significant meaning and history than you might expect.

The Spiritual History Of Shamballa
Shamballa beads originally come from a Tibetan Buddhist tradition Shamballa (also spelled Shambhala or Shambala, Shambhala or Shangri-la). This is a mythical kingdom that is suppose to be hidden somewhere in the Middle of Asia. Many people speculate where this Kingdom is, some say North India, but it is often placed in central Asia, north or west of Tibet. Over the years Shamballa became an epitome of the Pure Land in Buddhism. It is a fabulous kingdom which took more spiritual meaning rather than just physical or geographic. The Shamballa myth later reached Western cultures as the place of pure spiritual being. The beads have a holistic spirit and a look that could be described as discretely chic and expensive. Each piece is handmade and a privilege to wear.

Stand out from the Crowd
There is a story that tells of a doorman who let a man enter one of New York’s finer establishments because he spotted that he was wearing a Shamballa bracelet. He thought he must be someone worthy to enter. As a fashion piece any kind of jewellery made from Shamballa does make a powerful statement with its uniqueness and bohemian and vibe. The trend has even gone further that just women’s jewellery and is one of the few accessories popular with men.

The beads are usually woven, braided, and knotted into a bracelet or other piece of jewellery while incorporating specialized designs, stones, gems, and metals. There are many different colours that can be used, but most Shamballa pieces are seen in black and white with onyx being the most common material.

Shamballa – The most versatile piece you could own
The beads make a no-nonsense piece of jewellery, due to being non-flashy and can be worn with pretty much anything you desire. This makes them a brilliant item to own. Whether you want Shamballa beads to help you on a spiritual path with healing and meditation, or if you are just after a stylish piece of jewellery, then the beads are sure to satisfy your needs.

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Those are beautiful beads I'll have to look into them more and maby include them in the stuff I make.

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